The photographer

I was lying in bed one Monday morning not wanting to go to work. It had become a regular feeling. As I lay there pondering whether to get up, a thought popped into my mind. It was a quote from one of my all-time favourite books, Illusions by Richard Bach: ``Are you doing right now what it is you most want to do in the world? If the answer is no then you should stop what you're doing and go and do something else.`` With that thought in mind, I got out of bed, I had a shower, I put on my suit, I went to the office ... and I resigned. Ever since that Monday morning, I've been a wildlife photographer.

Chris: In Chris's Words

I made the decision to swap my career in IT sales for a life as a wildlife photographer because I wanted to make a difference. At the time, I wasn’t certain how I was going to make that happen and, looking back, it probably didn’t matter too much then because, in all honesty, I was too consumed by my own ego.

I’m older now and, perhaps, a little wiser. I have come to realise that my work as a photographer, rather than being self-serving, achieves most when it is used to serve something far bigger than me. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. But rather than be a passive observer affected by circumstance, I now know we each have a part to play in shaping the events that happen to us and around us.

One of my all-time favourite writers, Aaron Sorkin, once wrote, “Decisions are made by those who show up”. In other words, whatever the contribution we can make, however big or small, however concentrated or far-reaching, what’s important is that we contribute at all. Make every action significant. Be significant. Make every moment matter and be of use to as many people as possible. In doing so, we may transcend from the realm of convention and instead live a life less ordinary.

My work

Chris Weston became a professional wildlife photographer in 2001, changing his career to follow instead his passion for what he describes as “the extraordinary behaviour of wildlife”.

His contemporary approach to photography led Amateur Photographer to describe him as “one of the most dynamic wildlife photographers working today”. He is renowned for his ability to connect with his subjects, revealing through his images their often-hidden personalities. A committed advocate of wildlife conservation, Chris was listed in Outdoor Photography as “one of the world’s 40 most influential wildlife photographers”.

His work is exhibited globally and his fine art prints are collected by private clients from around the world. His commercial clients include the BBC, ITV, The Times, The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian newspapers, and National Geographic. He is currently represented by The Marylebone Gallery in London.

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New permanent exhibition in London:
We are delighted to announce a new permanent exhibition at the Marylebone Gallery in central London. Marylebone Gallery was established in 1982 and is located in the historic and fashionable district of Marylebone, a short walk from bustling Oxford Street.


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