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European brown bear
Ursus arctos arctos
Primarily distributed across eastern Europe and Scandinavia, with remnant populations in a few western European countries.

Why I made this image

When I walked past this sleeping bear, something made me stop. On the face of it, there was nothing significant to photograph. Even so, I was drawn to the moment. Nothing in life is insignificant if we take time to notice. As I observed, the miraculousness of the bear revealed itself. The more mindful I became, the more I could see and, as my mind opened, I freed a path for new interpretations to form. From places unknown, ideas swirled. Whatever their source, ideas are the propellant that move us forward, individually and as a species. It is our quest – our obligation, even – to seek new representations of reality, deeper than the surface of what we ordinarily see – an endeavor that becomes centered at the moment creativity emerges, when boundaries dissolve and aesthetics becomes our supreme guide.

Edition options

Available as a unique Artist’s Mood® and Limited Edition of 88.

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Complimentary Artworks

The following images have been selected by the photographer as complimentary, either in colour, tone, compositional aesthetics or atmospheric style, when hung together or in close proximity.