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Bald eagle
Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Found in Canada and the United States, with a high concentration in Alaska.

Why I made this image

I have a passion for fine detail. The intricate engravings on the nib of an opulent fountain pen, the complex mechanics of a fine hand-crafted watch, the dance of notes in a Bach concerto – the involvement and convolutions of great craftsmanship intrigue me. The brilliance of these human examples is multiplied in nature. The exquisiteness of a feather, the perfection of pattern, the acuteness of intent. What I value in life is mirrored in what I choose to photograph.

Edition options

Available as a unique Artist’s Mood® and Limited Edition of 88.

Copyright Chris Weston Gallery, 2016. All rights reserved.

Complimentary Artworks

The following images have been selected by the photographer as complimentary, either in colour, tone, compositional aesthetics or atmospheric style, when hung together or in close proximity.