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Grey seal
Halichoerus grips
Widely distributed on both shores of the North Atlantic ocean.

Why I made this image

My young son Josh had joined me in the field. It was his first time seeing me work and I’d encouraged him along because I wanted him to experience a bit of nature, something he had little time for. At one point, I noticed Josh had disappeared. I found him engrossed in the antics of this pup, which had wandered away from its mum and was coolly playing among the dunes, nonchalant in its environment. As was my son, who, despite being outside his comfort zone, wore such a happy smile it touched my heart. Which made me think: While we, as parents, believe we are the teachers, it’s our children who, in their innocence and trusting, teach us to be free.

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Available as a unique Artist’s Mood® and Limited Edition of 88.

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